A Java-based tool to program Microchip PIC Microcontrollers

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  1. Program source code, while copyrighted by its authors, is available through the GNU General Public License (see ) allowing anyone who might be interested to share and enhance the code.
  2. The source code is written in Java(TM) allowing its use on a number of different computing platforms. A native code library provides access to the parallel port under GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows. If the "/dev/port" driver is used, no native code library is necessary when using the software under Linux.
  3. You can control the operation of JPicProg using a combination of property files, command-line arguments, and an interactive shell.
  4. The software allows you to ...
  5. Dynamically loads device and programmer classes. Using the facilities of the Reflection API, classes for microcontroller devices and programmers are searched for and loaded on-the-fly.
  6. Adding new devices and programmers is greatly simplified by inheriting the bulk of the logic from parent classes. For instance, the definition for the Dontronics DT001 programmer is only 34 lines long (including comments) since practically all of its behavior is inherited from the TaitSerialModeProgrammer class.

Planned Enhancements

  1. Support for serial port, serial mode programmers (how about Tony Nixon's ASCII and Pocket programmers?).
  2. Support for a Swing-based GUI.
  3. Support for more Microchip devices and programmers.
  4. Support for the parport device so that the user won't have to have root privilages to run the program.
  5. Internationalization (if there is demand from the users).

Supported Microcontrollers

Supported Programmers


Dumping the contents of a device

Writing the contents of a device

Interactive mode


Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

JPicProg Java Archive (JAR)


Download and Install JRE

If you don't already have a Java Runtime Environment set up on your machine, you'll have to download one using one of the following links:

Sun's JRE

Follow the directions for installing the JRE that accompanies the package that you download.

Download and Install JPicProg

Download the latest version of JPicProg from the Sourceforge Project Page


Property Files


Command-line syntax

java JPicProg <options> [file ...]



--device <device name> or -d <device name>

--programmer <programmer name> or -p <programmer name>

--dump or -D

--write or -w

--interactive or -i

--config or -c

--blankcheck or -b

--checksum or -C

--erase or -e

--verify or -v

--version or -V



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James Kingdon

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